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Navigating Research

Navigating the Research and Services Headquarter (RSH)
RSH provides an important institution to connect technology transfer   business incubation, intellectual property , industry cooperation, and innovation   entrepreneurship in the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) since 1996.
A well-known about RSH is a science and technology center for understanding researches, services and business demands. RHS  includes specialized research centers, detailed diagnosis for enterprise, information competence
and task analysis. Welcome to connect with RSH!

History in RSH
The primary mission in RSH from the 21st century is  to create knowledge with  the contributions of colleagues  and business innovations in order to enhance quality-of-life for humanity. Successful and useful research carried out by
the University community must be intellectually worthy and exciting. As a great?nbsp; international research and service center, RSH is no exception to develop technology transfer and business incubation, intellectual property, industry cooperation, and innovation  entrepreneurship. The extension and application of the academic results as the real life scenario are indeed important missions in RSH.

No. 1 in Academia-Industrial Cooperation Worldwide
According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2014-15 report on the Industry Income, NCKU obtained 100 points to rank No. 1 in academia industrial cooperation worldwide. NCKU has outstanding performance in technology licensing fee and industry-academia collaboration funds from the industry.