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Vision & Future

RSH in NCKU is to thrive in sustainable technology transfer for R&D achievements of the patent application and global partnerships, and also to support innovation & entrepreneurship for collaborate with government; therefore, mission, vision and the spirit of RSH are as follows.

  • MissionFacilitate university-industry collaboration  Promote university discoveries via germination, IP management,
                  technology transfer, and business incubation
    Benefit to the society via  internship, industrial  talent  training
                  and job creation  Global outreach.
  • Vision: To be a world-renowned institution of the cutting-edge research through innovation and commercialization. 
  • Spirt: to integrate technical talent research centers and to support operational business partners for technology


  Corporatizing Technology Transfer & Business Incubation Center and establishing a professional team to create
     multiplied values 
  Establishing NCKU Angels and a base for startups to accelerate startups
  Founding a university owned holding company to accelerate innovation and startups
  Establishing a valued network of international academia-industry research & development centers