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Research Centers


University/Industry Cooperative Research Centers
The research centers  established in RSH are university research  facilities focused on a  wide variety of areas, such as science and technology, public services, humanity and social sciences. There are over 70 research centers in RSH. The centers utilize interdisciplinary research to develop technologies that meet industrial  needs, as  described  below.  These  research  centers have  encompassed  strong  research capacities and business cooperation with distinguished reputations for their contributions in RSH for NCKU.






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1 Energy and Environment

Center Research Tel
Fishing Boat and Marine Engineering Research Center
1‧To conduct in-depth analyses on the issues related to petroleum and other resource markets, geopolitics, and strategy;
2‧To provide short term courses pertaining to natural resource and petroleum strategy and management;
3‧To of fer extension training opportunities for government of ficers,professionals and graduate students; and
4‧To provide consulting services in natural resource and petroleum affairs.
06-2757575 ext.62808
Satellite Geoinformatics Research Center
SGRC is a research center under the administrative supervision of  Research and Services Headquarters, NCKU. Engaging  in the research of satellite and mapping technology and Global Positioning System (GPS) applications, SGRC is devoted in the study of Navigation, Remote Sensing, Digital Aerial Photogrammetric Mapping, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Virtual Reality Technology, Atmospheric and Ionospheric Sciences, etc.
06-2757575 ext.63824
Fire Protection and Safety Research Center
1‧Fire-resistant materials and structural elements inspection
2‧Fire-resistant materials research
3‧Building fire safety technology development
4‧Fire disaster investigation and prevention
5‧Marine fire safety technology development
Disaster Prevention Research Center
1‧All Taiwanese slopeland investigation on geologyrelated environmental disasters.
2‧Al l Taiwanese debr is f low hazard mapping and investigation.
3‧Study on the assessment of implement results from the specific region of soil and water conservation.
4‧Study on the development of tectono-hydrology. 
5‧Assistance to central/local governments to strengthen the ability of disaster prevention as well as to set up databases and its maintenance.
6‧Working with integrated watershed
Archilife Environ-Control Research Center To investigate and evaluate the related green technologies for the physical construction of green buildings to appropriately modify the architecture law and regulation in Taiwan. 06-2757575 ext.54233
Public Construction Research And Development Center
1‧Investigation and mitigation for construction and geological disasters; 
2‧Research, development and quality inspection on material of public construction; 
3‧Application of GIS to public construction
06-2757575 ext.63156
Coastal Ocean Monitoring Center COMC concentrates itself on the study on keytechnology of the oceanographic observation, on the development of the oceanographic instruments based on the research results, on the capacity building of the offshore measurement to serve the national need. 06-2757575 ext.63222轉210
Energy Research Center The Energy Research Center is built to combine efforts from the industrial, governmental and academic circles to promote the domestic energy policy. 06-3300691
Research Center For Environmental Trace Toxic Substances

Despite increasingly stringent regulatory controls, some toxic substances that occur in trace concentrations in the environment, such as Dioxins, PCBs, phthalates and its metabolites, nonylphenol, bis-phenol A, PDBEs, organotins, organochlorine pesticides, and heavy metals, may present serious health effects to human and succeeding generations.

06-2353535 ext.5573
Hydroscience and Technology Research Center
The main research areas of HSTRC are the following: 
1. Flood and drought prevention technology, 
2. Hydro-environment and ecology, 
3. Hydro-information and monitoring, 
4. Coastal technology, 
5. Ocean energy and 
6. Hydrotechnology and policies.
06-2757575 ext.63243/31450
GeoResources Research Center GeoResources Research Center (GRRC) ,engaged in the exploitation of water and earth resources, is one of the top research centers at National Cheng Kung University. 06-2757575 ext.61470
Marine Biology & Cetacean Research Center Integrate, coordinate and conserve marine life and the education of sustainable management of cetacean research and services. 06-2757575 ext.65539轉21
Global Earth Observation and Data Analysis Center The establishing of Global Earth Observation and Data Analysis Center (GEODAC) stems from the urgent need of global earth observations and data analysis from countries all over the world 06-2366740
Ecological Soil and  Water Conservation Research Center We integrate the research resources and achievements of soil and water conservation and ecological engineering to develop the foresighted researches which make the soil and water conservation and ecological engineering to be more scientific, practical, easily adaptive and sustainable.  
Research Center for Climate Change & Environmental Quality study  Climate Change & Environmental Quality 06-2757575 ext.65828
Research Center of Energy Technology for Sustainability
Study virtual power plant, VPP 
06-2757575 ext.62400-1502
center for advanced plasma scirence and technology   06-2757575-65900轉202

1 Biotechnology and Medicine

center research Tel
Center for Genomic Medicine   06-2353535 ext.3614
Agriculture Biotechnology Research Center The Agriculture Biotechnology Research Center is established to perform biomedical research for warm water aquatic animals in order to solve the disease problems of aquaculture industry in Taiwan and Asia Pacific regions, to promote domestic and international collaborative researches, and to establish an international biotechnology industry. 06-2757575 ext.65600
Center for Biomaterials Research CBR's goal is to become a gateway of promoting quality and competitiveness of biomaterials products for Taiwan. 06-2754412
Research Center of Excellence in Regenerative Medicine The center aims at pursuing excellence in regenerative medicine to advance Taiwan’s competency in translational medicine research, and to assist sustainable development of industry. 06-2757575 ext.65602轉812
Center of Hepatology
The goals of the center are to provide and set up new tests for hepatitis viruses and hepatoma and further involve the research of investigatory new drugs. 06-2353535 ext.3588
Research Center for Medical Laboratory Biotechnology The Departmental Research Center for Medical Laboratory Biotechnology was recently established to develop high- profile medical technologies and apply them to clinical services. The center is divided into three sections: infectious diseases, metabolic diseases and cancers. 06-2353535 ext.5782
Heart Science and Medical Devices Research Center  The object of Heart Science and Medical Devices Research Center (HSMDRC) is to develop and advance the technology of innovative methods in heart failure treatment. 06-2380300
Orchid Research Center To develop orchid industrial key technologies, and promote the worldwide competition capacity of Taiwan Phalaenopsis orchid production. 06-2757575 ext.65521
Center for Occupational Safety, health, and Medicine The aims of the center are to integrate expertise of different disciplines, including epidemiologists, toxicologists, industrial hygients, and occupational physicians, to investigate the mechanisms of occupational diseases, method for exposure assessment and hazard control to provide working environments for workers. 06-2353535 ext.5956
Center for Health Outcome Research Our goal is to provide services on outcome research for healthcare professionals, healthcare institutions, industries, governmental agents, policy makers, and academics to promote quality healthcare with cost effectiveness. 06-2353535 ext.5680
Center of Advanced Biomedical System
To assist Taiwan medical units and hospitals to combine the needs of medical, medical, design and artificial intelligence (AI) to assist doctors and medical staff and patients and care for their families, to develop a design-forward medical system for their use, combined with feedback from users and medical advice from doctors. And clinical research in medical institutions, correction and improvement into a practical system   
06-2757575 ext.62400轉1928
Musculoskeletal Research Center Development of musculoskeletal-related medical devices, new implant development, rehabilitation strategies, surgical intervention strategies, and exercise rehabilitation benefits
06-2353535 ext.3420
Research Center of New Antibody Drug Enhance the technical level of domestic antibody new drug research and development, strengthen competitiveness, and promote the integration of related projects 06-2353535 ext.5077
Center for Shrimp Disease Control and Genetic Improvement Shrimp breeding and virus research 06-2757575 ext.31010
Allergy and Clinical Immunology Research (ACIR) Center Based on the research of environment, genetics and clinical immunity of allergic diseases, it provides a professional consulting and development platform for government medical and health care institutions or manufacturers to develop allergic diseases in the prevention and treatment of allergic diseases. 06-2353535 ext.5894
Center for Pharmaceutical Regulatory Science Conduct academic research on the rationalization of drug policies and regulations, including policy foresight, planning, effectiveness and impact assessment 06-2353535 ext.5680
Rapid Test and System Research Center Conduct academic research on the rationalization of drug policies and regulations, including policy foresight, planning, effectiveness and impact assessment 06-2757575 ext.63310
Plant New Drug Development Research Center In addition to the research and development of new plant medicines, it provides technical platform communication and service for manufacturing and analysis of products in the industry, and assists in the development of product processes and the promotion of marketing. 06-2757575-65333 

1 Technology Transfer and Services

Center Research Tel
Metal Technology Research Center  Metal related industry research projects or consulting 06-2757575 ext.61500
Technology Licensing & Business Incubation Center
TLBIC is service- oriented, effective and active in promoting the commercialization of inventions within NCKU. We have successfully raised the visibility and utilization of NCKU's inventions.
Research and Development Center at Southern Taiwan Science Park We aimed at dealing with all kinds of administrative matters of Delta building and promoting industry- academy cooperation in order to enhance the operation of Delta building, while promoting technology commercialization and to assist enterprises in improving their competitiveness at the same time. 06-5055275

1Humanity Management

Center Research Tel
Survey and Statistics Research Center Using computer assisted marketing interview system (CAMIS) and the database of telephone population of Taiwan area, Survey and Statistics Research Center serves as the teaching and research support tools for the department of Statistics.  06-2757575 ext.53643
Research Center for Hakka Culture Varieties of research plans related to Hakka culture, culture art performance, and educational program are proceeding in the center. 06-2757575 ext.63310
Healthy City Research Center Healthy City Research Center aims to bring together scholars and experts in relevant fields, the public sectors, community organizations, and inhabitants of the city to work towards building a quality Healthy  06-2757575 ext.5865
Center for Quality & Innovation CQI devotes vast energy into innovative services, quality excellence, e-business strategies, collaborative design, demand chain management, global logistic management and other promising fields to develop practices for ensuring quality and creating innovation in services. 06-2757575 ext.53138
National Land Research Center The goal of the Center is to integrate professionals from national land planning and control, including urban planning, environment planning, political economic, land economic, public administration, and civil engineering. 06-2757575-54239 
Industrial Sustainable Development Center the resources of the university and outside the campus to help the people and government resolve or study related issues. 06-2757575 ext.81313
Center for Gender and Women's Studies The Center for Gender and Women's Studies commits itself to trans-disciplinary researches on gender related issues in order to cope with significant domestic and international trends. 06-2757575 ext.52242
Research Center for Health Data The primary aim of this center is to increase the added- value and to promote utilization of health data to elaborate the health policy decision making and evaluation. 06-2353535 ext.5567
Research Center for Health Data The primary aim of this center is to increase the added- value and to promote utilization of health data to elaborate the health policy decision making and evaluation. 06-2757575 ext.52627
Center for Society, Technology, and Medivine The impact of science and technology and society on society 06-2353535 ext.6662/5014
Research Center for Technological Governance To try to combine and coordinate the technique and policy research in order to provide Taiwan's government (especially for the southern Taiwan) to access the necessary information to activate the growth of research and innovation in Taiwan's science and technology industry. 06-2757575 ext.50266
Center for Vietnamese Studies Promote academic, educational and cultural exchanges between Taiwan and Vietnam, and conduct academic research on topics such as language, culture, history, literature, art and ethnic minorities in Vietnam. 06-2757575 ext.52627

1 Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Center Research Tel
Electrical and Information Technology and Humanities Research Center The Electrical and Information Technology and Humanities Research Center (EITC) is a research center which integrates the technology and resource in the fields of electrical, information, engineering science, information management and manufacturing. 06-2080478
System-on-Chip Research Center The objective of this Center is to promote and advance the system- on-chip (SOC) design technology. 06-2757575-62380 
Center for Research of E-life DIgital Technology The mission of the CREDIT center is to integrate the man powers and resources on various domains including the areas of electronics, information science, telecommunication, language, education, medicine, psychology etc. 06-2757575 ext.62522
e-Manufacturing Research Center The eMRC is composed of many outstanding scholars and engineers specialized in e-Manufacturing, knowledge management, lean production, automation technology, and other related realms. Manufacturing automation of high-tech industries, such as the semiconductor, TFT-LCD, solar energy, etc., is the main application scope. 06-2359753
Green Energy Electronics Research Center The Green Energy Electronics Research Center (GEERC), National Cheng Kung University, founded in 2010, engages in energy electronics technology researches for high-efficiency electrical power conversion 06-2004231
Center of Excellence in Computational Simulation Computational simulation studies of complex networks, quantum computers, wafer design, genetic testing, artificial intelligence, drug design, and meteorological prediction analysis 06-2757575-63342-63

1 Mechanics and Materials

Center Research Tel
Fishing Boat and Marine Engineering Research Center The basic research manpower of FBMERC mainly includes the faculty of the Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and other related institutes. 06-2757575 ext.63580
Aerospace Science and Technology Research Center The Aerospace Science and Technology Research Center (ASTRC), an outgrowth of the Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics at National Cheng Kung University (IAA/NCKU), is the center of comprehensive research and development in modern aerospace science and technology in Taiwan. 06-2392811 ext.272
Steel Technology Research Center The short term goal of the center is to improve the existing ironmaking and steelmaking processes via experimental observation and computer modeling. 06-2757575 ext.62947
Mechanical Technology Research and Development Center Our center is a long-term research group toward mechanical and related technology. By gathering the experts and resource of mechanical or related schools of ours and other colleges, we proceed in industry, government, and academic research cooperative projects. 06-2757575 ext.62178
Electric Motor Technology Research Center The primary task of EMTRC is to develop and design high precision motors for use in the application of electronics and automatic control. Besides, the research on small motors with specific mechanical structures is also included. 06-2757575 ext.61130
Advanced Green Industrial Technology Research and Certification Center Unmanned Aircraft (UAV), Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy, Micro Turbine Engines and Propulsion Systems, 3D Printing Technology 06-2757575 ext.63694
Center for Railway Studies The railway transportation system is known for its high efficiency. As natural resources dwindle, energy prices skyrocket, and environmental issues dominate, railway becomes a key component for sustainable operation. With the end of a long highway-dominated era, railway becomes the most important transportation system in Taiwan, and will remain so in the foreseeable future. 06-2757575 ext.63118






















































Shrimp breeding and virus researchMetal related industry research projects or consulting