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Technology Transfer


Technology Transfer &  Incubation  Center (TTBIC)  has  been  recognized  as a premier center  that  is excellent in managing intellectual property rights (IPRs). TTBIC, established as a part of  RSH in NCKU
in 2007, is increasingly becoming a dynamic cluster that provides multifunctional services for technology commercialization, including research and development, patent application, technology  promotion, and contract crafting and signing.

TTBIC assists the faculty members, researchers, and students in dealing with patent filing, technology transferring  and  licensing,  and  business  incubation  by  staffs  with  professional  and  integrated experiences. For the past several years the incomes from IPR licensing have been stably grown, and NCKU becomes the only university in Taiwan whose annual royalty has exceeded  NT$100 million for
6 consecutive years since 2009.
TTBIC has displayed a  capacity for  commercializing new  technologies in order to take active  steps
to strengthen its innovative management. TTBIC is the only contact window for the management and application of IPRs in NCKU.