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Incubation & Service




Business Incubation Service

TTBIC in RSH provides an array of service to educate  entrepreneurs and foster breakthrough  technologies from faculties and students. Especially, TTBIC serves as a  negotiator with new companies to craft an  agreement that
is  consistent with other  licenses to help them succeed. Formal  programs and  entrepreneurship classes at RSH
in NCKU combined with informal advice from advisors, friends, and colleagues, can help shepherd entrepreneurs through all facets of the start-up process.



Incubation and services include as the follows:
•    Start-ups business consultation
•    Legal consultation
•    Marketing plan and target market strategy consultation
•    Operation strategy consultation
•    Financing and sales forecasts consultation
•    Assistance in applying for incubation space in Southern Taiwan Science Park
•    Assistance in applying for government funding & reimbursement
•    Provide networking opportunities with angel investors and VCs
•    Provide entrepreneurship and technical training courses