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Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E)  inspire to provide  workplaces and  teams with a path to pursue  cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills for business values of services, and students on campus to start up business. That is, knowing how to  incorporate  innovation is  important for creating  prosperous  workplaces and  careers with  entrepreneurship. Therefore, the  discipline of  entrepreneurship is  generally  to study the why, when and how of opportunity creation, recognition and utilization for  providing  innovation and good services  through the creation of new workplace  (start-ups) for  new values. RSH  further  customizes the  service to meet  individual entrepreneur’s need. The ultimate goal is to create an entrepreneur-friendly ecosystem where the startup teams can fully  devote efforts to  initiating a new  business and  make their dream come true. Be  prepared  to use the whole brain and spirit, because creativity and innovation take practice with a resurgence of interest in the role of entrepreneurship.